Campaign Overview

Who Are The Characters?

The characters are crew members of VC-88811, an privately-owned interstellar trading vessel. Each character was hired for a role, chosen from this list:

  • Pilot
  • Negotiator (Trader)
  • Mechanic
  • Gun Systems Operator
  • Brute / Cargo Handler
  • Cook / Janitor / Cargo Loader / Greenhorn
What Are We Doing?

Immediately, the characters are trying to survive. Their vessel has been shot down by a pirate after the characters decided to make a run for it.

Where Are We?

Wrecked on the surface of a habitable moon called Matsya. Matsya orbits a super dense terrestrial planet named McArthur’s Jewel Box, the fifth planet in orbit around a sun-like star named Horizon, better known in our time as 55 Cancri.

When Is This?

The year is 2177 (165 years now).

Why Are We Doing It?

At the moment, your crew has no choice but to prepare for the pirate that you are sure will come searching for you and your cargo. Your characters have chosen this life because the current government instability and lack of FTL communication (outside of messages carried directly by ships) enable great opportunities for people, regardless of their backgrounds.

Free Trader

Elwick Panic77